Welcome to the world of So Cal Modeling Academy. Some come to our school interested only in feeling more secure when they have to speak in public, others with their eyes fixed on the distant hope of Stardom.

Some come to improve their self-confidence with training in what used to be called "the Social Graces", and others sign wanting to learn more about theatrical and commercial acting.

Becoming a successful model or a respected actor is a lot of hard work, patience, persistence... and luck.

The good news is that as you train at So Cal Modeling Academy, you will learn that the Entertainment Industry is much larger than you know. Given the right training, many satisfying opportunities and unique careers are accessible to you. Some of those opportunities are right in your own backyard.

The courses available at So Cal Modeling Academy are designed to supplement your regular education, to help you develop the skills that are useful no matter what kind of career you choose. Students may come to So Cal Modeling Academy for modeling and acting training, but we never forget to prepare them for their most important journey… *Life!*

This course can and should be taken by anyone wanting to excel and succeed and** is a ten week course covering the following areas:

• Confidence building
• Image development: Hair, skin, make up, etc.
• Goal setting
• Wardrobing
• Etiquette and manners
• Nutrition
• Public speaking
• First impressions
• Interviewing skills
• Social graces
• Protocol

The "Modeling Programs" offered at So Cal Modeling Academy are tailored to fit the needs and success of each individual. Some workshops, such as Runway, have a height requirement and should only be taken by those students that are at least 5'11 and proper physical build. All modeling programs at So Cal Modeling Academy are by invitation only. Modeling programs include:
• Runway
• Fashion and commercial print (no height requirement)